Nurse Hatty – Ketone Strips (150ct)


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Brand: Nurse Hatty
UPC: 0684191899904


Ketone Script Has: ✅ U.S. FDA 510k Cleared Product (very few other companies have this certificate of efficacy and safety on Amazon) ✅ Highest Quality – The Reagent, Test Pad and PVC Plastic is Made & Manufactured in the USA in a Sterile Laboratory ✅ 100% Accurate Results with Proper Storage ✅ Longest Length of Ketone Strips Anywhere ✅ Clear Results in 40 Seconds ✅ 18-month Shelf Life & Lifetime Happiness Guarantee or your Money Back Why Should Dieters / Diabetics Use Ketone Script? My factory and Ketone Testing Strip have gone through rigorous clinical and laboratory testing before finally being issue a U.S. FDA 510k Clearance for EFFICACY & SAFETY to sell this product in the USA & WORLDWIDE.  It is the same Ketone Strip bought and sold by Name Brand Pharmacies and Used in Hospitals All Over the World, and NOW TO THE NURSE HATTY BRAND NAME!  Here’s what you Get w/ Ketone Script: 1) Professional Grade, U.S. FDA Approved Ketone Test Strips 2) 100ct. + Get 50 Free 3) 18-month Warranty for Shelf Life 4) NEW PDF EDUCATION PACK developed by Nurse Hatty: A) Complete Guide to Ketosis, B) Ketogenic Belly Fat Loss Program, C) 3-Day Detox Diet, D) Decrease your Abdominal Bloat 5-day Diet, E) A 9-week, 900 Calorie Diet Plan, F) A UTI Diet Plan, G) A Food & Snack Exchange List, H) An Easy-To-Understand pH Food Chart, I) Your Health Goals Playbook, and J) A COMPREHENSIVE PACAKGE INSERT re: Tips for Ketone Testing and FAQ about the Ketogenic Diet FOR NEWBIES! Do you know another Dieter or Diabetic?  Buy Two and Give 1 to a Friend in Need of Ketone Script!